About the Alex Tanous Foundation

Formed in 1990, the Alex Tanous Foundation seeks to conduct rigorous scientific research in areas related to physical and spiritual development, including, but not limited to, the development of creativity, creativity and healing, and the teaching of creativity. The foundation serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of anomalies.

Dr. Alex Tanous, a noted psychic and parapsychologist devoted his entire life to healing, research of anomalies, writing, lecturing, and love for his fellow man…

Alex Tanous had many dreams and hopes for his wondrous work and research to be carried on through the Foundation. His students, associates, friends and the world kept him constantly traveling, researching and exploring. No one who met or knew Alex Tanous ever left with a feeling other than comfort, love, and friendship. At his bequest, his foundation will continue his work through research and our own creative powers which he helped us to develop. His family, friends, colleagues and now his Foundation are called upon to keep his spirit of love, friendship and continuous searching to improve the power within ourselves for all mankind.