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The Light: July 2011

The Light: July 2011

The Alex Tanous Scholarship Award 2011

At the 21st Alex Tanous Foundation Board of Directors Meeting the Scholarship Committee highly recommended the grant application to be chosen for this years Alex Tanous Scholarship Award from Callum E. Cooper. The Foundation has great interest in Mr. Cooper's work and research in the fields that Dr. Tanous as well studied. We look forward to hearing and publishing more about the research that Mr. Cooper will be doing.

Mr. Cooper's background is in psychology and he has focused on parapsychological research. Specifically he has looked at survival and afterlife beliefs, relating to religious beliefs, spirituality, anomalous experiences and other relevant areas of human belief and practice. His main intrerst in in spontaneous cases suggestive of survival of consciousness beyond death. This is reflected in his work so far: hauntings, apparitional experiences, phone calls from the dead and issues of psi research. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Northampton, and during his time there was involved in a number of projects including: Ganzfeld research, remote viewing, remote staring detection, psychokinesis research and haunting investigations.

Mr. Cooper added that the Alex Tanous Scholarship will assist his current work on a Masters dissertation exploring afterlife beliefs and its relation to death anxiety and a book project which is a new edition of Phone Calls from the Dead and to update the work of Rogo and Bayless (1979).


The Alex Files

Over the past two years we have been celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Alex Tanous Foundation and so many of you shared your wonderful stories with us. Some of the stories include memories of how you knew Dr. Alex Tanous and ways that he touched your life and the lives of so many others.

We would like to share these with our readers and offer you all the chance to send in your stories to us at the Foundation so that we may continue the "Alex Files".

Website Submission: As one contact seems to lead to another, Alex came to my home on Thundercastle Road in Readfield on the afternoon of June 8, 1983. With all of his senses and questions, he clearly and quietly determined the nature of recent trans personal experiences I had been having in my home. To this day, I recall his intense curiosity and just the reflective way in which he worked. A timeless gift this was!

Website Submission: I was born John Russell Devou and even before I knew anything about Dr. Tanous I would ask Mom about him because his eyes were striking and I sensed a man of great Love and great abilities but never knew until later what he did!

Website Submission: I must tell you something strange that happen to me 21 years ago (June 28, 1990) as I was in Havana in Cuba, for a scientific conference for one week. After having done a special dream, at the hotel where I was, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and wrote down immediately my dream.

In my dream, I saw Alex smiling to me as he was rising towards the sky and his face was changing in alternation with that of Jesus several times while going away. The sky was blue and sunny in an atmosphere of peace and well-being. I was really impressed by this dream. After Alex passed away, I realized that I had made the dream a novena before and that it was his last message to me before leaving. God blesses Alex for all the love he spread around him during his life, and particularly his help to my mother (who passed away 4 months before Alex), my wife, and myself.

Valentin Furlan et Nicole Dube


The Alex Tanous Library At The Rhine Research Center

The Alex Tanous Library At The Rhine Research Center

A Page From The Rhine Research Center's Web Site:

The Alex Tanous Library is at the heart of the Rhine Research Center. Many of our workshops and much of the day to day activity of the Rhine Research Center happens in this comfortable book-lined space. We are very grateful to the Alex Tanous Foundation for making this library a reality.

Our library is run by our tireless volunteers who have spent years cataloging all of the titles. We are also very grateful to them for all of their hard work and dedication. You will find that the library contains many fascinating volumes on every aspect of parapsychology.

At this time we do not lend books. However you are welcome to come and sit and read here in the library. You can go to the link below to search our library catalog.

Search the Library Catalog by Author

Search the Library Catalog by Title