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The Light: February 2007

The Light: February 2007

Spring Conference Announcement

Spring Conference Announcement

The Rhine Research Center will hold a conference on:


March 23-25, 2007

Myrtle Beach, SC at the Holiday Inn-West
the theme of the conference will be

Co-sponsored by the Alex Tanous Foundation.

Invited speakers include:
Author Joseph Chilton Pearce, Stargate participant Joe McMoneagle, and Dr. Sally Rhine Feather

Papers will be presented in the following tracks:

Consciousness Studies, Consciousness and Creativity, Healing and Mind-Body Studies, Parapsychology, Educational Issues, Historical Perspectives, and Holistic Studies.


Consciousness Today:
Where Scientists and Psychics meet!

The Rhine Research Center is devoted to answering the fundamental questions we all ask about life: What happens after death? Can we all perceive beyond the five senses? Can psychics diagnose illness? How does healing happen? Do very successful business people use psychic abilities? What can we do to enhance our own intuition?

If you are one of the large percentage of the general public interested these questions or one of the small percentage of scientists who have spent time investigating the answers, this conference is for you. Come and listen to the latest findings by consciousness researchers, hear psychics describe their intuitive experiences and meet others interested in this exciting field.

The conference will feature keynote addresses by these three famous authors:

Opening Speaker
Joe McMoneagle
Banquet Speaker
Dr. Sally Rhine Feather
Closing Speaker
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Four panel discussions will be held focused on healing, medical intuitive diagnosis, intuition in business and psychic amplifiers. Other sessions will be devoted to short scientific presentations related to these four topics and other fascinating areas of parapsychology submitted by researchers from around the world. Live music will be performed at the breaks between sessions including shamanic flute, celtic fiddle, classic country and jazz piano.

To submit a presentation by 2/10/07, please email submissions to Dr. John Palmer at
For online registration, please click here: Online Registration

Friday Schedule
6:30-7 Registration Musical Performance
7-7:15 Welcome Larry Burk, MD
7:15-8:45 Keynote Joe McMoneagle Stargate Chronicles
8:45-9 Meditation Mary Jo Bulbrook, PhD Planetary Healing

Saturday Schedule
9-10:30 Panel Discussions Healing Business Intuition
10:30-11 Morning Break Musical Performance
11-12:30 Scientific Sessions Paper Presentations
12:30-1:30 Lunch Video J B Rhine
1:30-2 Comments Larry Trevarthen Rhine Legacy
2-3:30 Panel Discussions Intuitive Diagnosis Psychic Amplifiers
3:30-4 Afternoon Break Musical Performance
4-5:30 Scientific Sessions Paper Presentations
5:30-6 Cash Bar Musical Performance
6-7:30 Dinner Video Rhine Archive Project
7:30-8 Remarks Sally Rhine Feather, PhD ESP - The Gift
8-8:30 Keynote Erlendur Haraldsson, PhD Encounters with the Dead
8:30-9 Discussion Larry Burk, MD Vision for the Future

Sunday Schedule
9AM-NOON Keynote Joseph Chilton Pearce
Biology of Transcendence: The Mind-Heart Connection
Break at discretion of the speaker

Panel Discussion Details

Healing Panel Discussion: Spiritual and scientific basis of energetic healing

Steve Baumann, Ph.D., Moderator, Biomedical Engineer, Parapsychologist
Jerry Pittman, MD, General Practitioner
Josiane d'Hoop, Healer
Tomiko Smith, Healer
Intuitive Diagnosis Panel Discussion: Scientific and clinical medical intuitive diagnosis

Larry Burk, MD, Moderator, Intuitive Diagnosis Researcher
Leon Curry, MD, Intuitive Diagnosis Researcher
Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, Ph.D., Intuitive
Brent Atwater, Intuitive
Business Intuition Panel: Psychic applications in business and real estate investing

Stefan Kasian, Ph.D., Moderator, Real Estate Investor
Gigi Van Deckter, Intuitive Realtor
Kala Ambrose, Intuitive, Infopreneur
Arlan Andrews, Sc.D., Mechanical Engineer, former White House Science Advisor
Psychic Amplifiers Panel Discussion: Altered states facilitating psi beyond the Ganzfeld

Jean Hamilton, MD, Ph.D., Moderator, Neuropharmacologist, Flow Researcher
Deborah Quevedo, RN, Ph.D. candidate at ITP, Ayahuasca Researcher
Lenore Wiand, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Shamanic Flute Researcher
Jim Carpenter, Ph.D., UNC Psychotherapist, Parapsychologist
This conferences is co-sponsored by the Alex Tanous Foundation.


Steve Baumann, Ph.D. - Rhine Research Center
James Carpenter, Ph.D. - Rhine Research Center
John Palmer, Ph.D. - Rhine Research Center (Program Chair)
Pam Page-Carpenter, Ed.D. - NC State University
John Stamey, Ed.D. - Coastal Carolina University
Christine Simmonds-Moore, Ph.D. - Liverpool Hope University

The submission of a competitive paper or abstract for review means the author certifies that the paper is original and has not been previously copyrighted, published, presented, or submitted for publication or presentation. Anyone submitting a paper must intend to register for and attend the meeting to present the paper if it is accepted. Extended Abstracts of research in progress are welcome. These should be a minimum of four (4) pages, double-spaced, in order to give the reviewers some background of the research and its progress.

Proposals for panels, tutorials, and workshops must be at least two (2) pages, double-spaced, describing what you intend to do and why it would be of interest and importance to members of the community. All participants in invited panels must register and attend the meeting.

Proceedings will be published in CD-ROM form by Digital University Press, containing all papers presented at the meeting as well as summaries of all symposia, tutorials, and workshops. Publication in the Proceedings is subject to a strict set of standards and deadlines that will be the responsibility of the authors. Primary authors will receive proceedings preparation instructions with notice of acceptance.

To submit a presentation by 2/10/07, please email submissions to Dr. John Palmer at Below are instructions for submitting a paper.

The title page for each submission should include
The title of the work;
The track to which it is submitted;
The author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), and complete contact information including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
The main body of the submission should include the title and the submitted Track.
Full papers should be a minimum of ten pages (double-spaced).
Extended abstracts should be a minimum of four pages (double-spaced).
Panels Tutorials and Workshops should be a minimum of two pages (double-spaced).
Accepted papers papers, in final Proceedings form, will be due on March 15, 2006 (VERY FIRM) in any of the following formats:
PDF format. (Note: PDFs can be created free-of-charge at
MS Word
.RTF (Rich Text Format)
Conference Registration and Fees

Presenters, Board Members and their spouses
Registration Fee $60
Registration on or before March 19: $120
Registration after March 19: $150
The registration fee includes one lunch and the banquet.

The host hotel will be Holiday Inn on the Waterway, Myrtle Beach, SC at 101 Outlet Blvd. Room rates are $80.00 per night (single or double occupancy), plus applicable tax. Reservations at this rate are available through March 1, 2007. Call 1-800-HOLIDAY and mention:

Holiday Inn on the Waterway
Phone number 843.236.1000
Myrtle Beach, SC
Dates March 23-25
Rhine Research Conference
Free shuttle service is available from Myrtle Beach International Airport to the Holiday Inn on the Waterway.

For more information, including procedures for submitting papers, visit:
or contact the Rhine Research Center at or call 919-309-4600


A New Approach to Healing; Human Genetic Therapy

A New Approach to Healing; Human Genetic Therapy

This is an excerpt from Dr. Tanous essay on
"A New Approach To Healing: Human Genetic Therapy"

Every living cell contains coded genes. A gene is a small element within a chromosome concerned with the transmission and development of hereditary characteristics and traits.
It is in the study of genetics that we will be able to see throught the evolutionary transformation, the potential and probable future of the human race.
In my understanding, genes have a memory which can be active or non-active. I call this genetic memory.
For example: when a sperm fertilizes an egg, the genes of both parents now interact in the newly conceived child. Once the genetic memory has become active, it will give the child it's characteristics and traits, such as color of eyes, hair, structure etc. Moreover, it will pass on the diseases, or weakness as well as strenghts, talents and its mission and role of each human being for the future perfection of the human race.
Moreover, I strongly hold that within the genetic memory we find an inherited consciousness. It is activated when the genetic memory is awakened by networking among the genes and moves the person towards personal and universal goals for the perfection of the race and the universe.
The networking between the genetic memory and the inherited consciousness awakens in each person the "unfinished business" of all the past which must be fulfilled. This is also coded in our genes.


The inherited consciousness which I hold is also coded in the genetic memory as in a computer and when the right cosmic time is presented it will motivate and place before the person all that person needs to fulfill the unfinished business. In other words, throught the inherited consciousness, the genetic memory is activated and by the power it has, informs the person of the unfinished business unconsciously. (Is it always unconscious?)
Through the inherited consciousness distant knowledge of the past as well as the future and the immediate is presented as a wholeness for perfection. Each person, no matter what the person does, becomes significant in the achievement of the goasl toward the whole of the universal consciousness.


For this complete paper and much more of Dr. Alex Tanous work, please visit our Digital Library at


Consciousness: What does it all mean?

con·scious·ness (kŏn'shəs-nĭs)n.

The state or condition of being conscious.
A sense of one's personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group: Love of freedom runs deep in the national consciousness.

Special awareness or sensitivity: class consciousness; race consciousness.
Alertness to or concern for a particular issue or situation: a movement aimed at raising the general public's consciousness of social injustice.
In psychoanalysis, the conscious.

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Thesaurus Directory > Words >
Thesaurus consciousness noun

The condition of being aware: awareness, cognizance, perception, sense. See knowledge/ignorance.

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Antonyms Directory > Reference > Antonyms consciousness

Definition: knowledge
Antonyms: senselessness, stupidity, unconsciousness


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Britannica Directory > Reference > Britannica Concise consciousness

Quality or state of being aware. As applied to the lower animals, consciousness refers to the capacity for sensation and, usually, simple volition. In higher animals, this capacity may also include thinking and emotion. In human beings, consciousness is understood to include “meta-awareness,” an awareness that one is aware. The term also refers broadly to the upper level of mental life of which the person is aware, as contrasted with unconscious processes. Levels of consciousness (e.g., attention vs. sleep) are correlated with patterns of electrical activity in the brain (brain waves). See also philosophy of mind.

For more information on consciousness, visit


Encyclopedia Directory > Reference > Encyclopedia
consciousness, in psychology, a term commonly used to indicate a state of awareness of self and environment. In Freudian psychology, conscious behavior largely includes cognitive processes of the ego, such as thinking, perception, and planning, as well as some aspects of the superego, such as moral conscience. Some psychologists deny the distinction between conscious and unconscious behavior; others use the term consciousness to indicate all the activities of an individual that constitute the personality. In recent years, neuropsychologists have begun to investigate the links between consciousness and memory, as well as altered states of consciousness such as the dream state. See also defense mechanism; psychoanalysis.

See D. C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained (1991); A. Damasto, The Feeling of What Happens (1999).


Medical Directory > Health > Medical Dictionary con·scious·ness (kŏn'shəs-nĭs)
The state or condition of being conscious.
A sense of one's personal or collective identity, especially the complex of attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or a group.
In psychoanalysis, the conscious.

WordNet Directory > Reference > WordNet Note:
The noun consciousness has 2 meanings:

Meaning #1: an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation

Antonym: unconsciousness (meaning #1)

Meaning #2: having knowledge of
Synonyms: awareness, cognizance, cognisance, knowingness

Cognitive neuroscience approaches:

Modern investigations into and discoveries about consciousness are based on psychological statistical studies and case studies of consciousness states and the deficits caused by lesions, stroke, injury, or surgery that disrupt the normal functioning of human senses and cognition. These discoveries suggest that the mind is a complex structure derived from various localized functions that are bound together with a unitary awareness.