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The Light: November 2006

The Light: November 2006

Celebrating Our Founder

On November 26, 1926 Dr. Alexander Tanous was born to Alice and Thomas Tanous in Van Buren, Maine. He was the eldest of eight brothers. Dr. Tanous lived in Maine all of his life, having studied, researched, and worked all over the world, Maine was always home.

Next week he would have turned 80 years old and we would like to take this time and remember the wonderful years that he gave to this earth. Happy 80th Birthday Alex! We celebrate you by carrying on your wonderful teachings, please check our our Digital Library where you can accsess more in formation on the life of Dr. Tanous and his archive of material.


The Alex Tanous Art Gallery

The Alex Tanous Art Gallery

Dr. Tanous among so many other things was a self-taught Artist. During his College years in New York City he spent time teaching himself how to paint. He created an array of beautiful pieces of Art during the next ten years of his life. He then became so involved with his Psychic Research that his paintings slowed down. The Foundation has catalouged and digitized his original peices and have put them in the Digital Library for all to enjoy. Our goal is in the near future to offer notecards of the prints.

Enjoy all of his Art Work in the Digital Library, under "Art".


Direct Your Energies

In a world where people are so busy multi-tasking as many jobs as we can in one day, rarely do we find the time to take care of oursleves!

Dr. Tanous once said "Inside us is all we'll ever want - we do not have to go outside ourselves to be happy. You only have to make yourself real."

In a lecture presented by Dr. Tanous at a conference called "Psychic Realities '81" he talked about people seeking consciousness, and that so much consciousness is being lost. He added that when people loose consciousness, stress begins, high blood pressure starts and even cancer. He felt that people can not seem to let go of what isn't real. He told his audience to direct their energies in a chosen direction, and that whatever one's wants are, they will become real.

Dr. Tanous stated "If you have a problem, throw it out ot consciousness. If you believe in this, your problem will be all right. People are afraid to take risks, Tanous said, and added that if people would continure the thinking stage into the action stage, they would be able to do anything they set their minds to."

These excerpts and their complete articles as well as much of Dr. Tanous work can be found in the Digital Library at!