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The Light: August 2006

The Light: August 2006

The Discovery Channel Debut

The Alex Tanous Foundation was contacted this past Winter for a request of "Ghost Cases" that Alex Tanous had worked on. Dr. Tanous along with several colleuges worked on Haunting cases throughout his career. Several of these landmark cases have become very well known and New Dominion Pictures from Suffolk, Virginia has been working on re-creating several of the stories for a documentary that will be aired on the Discovery Channel.

The episode featuring Dr. Tanous' cases will be aired on Thursday September 21, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. If you would like a complete listing of New Dominion's features, please look at their Web Site at And don't forget to tune in to watch these landmark cases come to life!


Name That Tune

Name That Tune

I have very fond memories of my childhood singing and dancing along to Alex's music! Dr. Tanous was among many other things a wonderful singer and song writer. We have captured most of his original titles from the old fashion "record" and digitized them all onto a CD.

They are all in our Digital Library at, under "music". There you will see a list of the titles to choose from: "Don't Tell Me Now", "September Wind", and " I Said Good-Bye To You Yesterday" and listen to! We plan to offer a copy of the CD in our On-line Store in the near future. If you would like any other information on Dr. Tanous career in Music, please contact the Foundation or look in the Digital Library as well.

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The Alex Tanous 2006 Scholarship Award

Each year the Alex Tanous Foundation awards a Scholarship to a Senior Class Member of Van Buren District High School in Van Buren, Maine. Dr. Tanous and his seven brothers all graduated from this High School in the 1940's. It was his wish to name a receipent each year who would further their studies after High School. It is the Foundation's honor to name this years Alex Tanous Memorial Scholarhsip to : Kyle Deschaines. We would like to wish Kyle the best for a wonderful future ahead!