Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research Newsletter

The Light: September 2005

The Light: September 2005

The Foundation's Accomplishments

On this Fifteenth Year Anniversary of the Foundation as well as Dr. Tanous’ death, the Foundation celebrates what it has accomplished and what it plans to do for the future. The Foundation has centered its activities around preserving, organizing and disseminating information about Dr. Tanous’ life and work with particular reference to his interest in creativity, dreams, and healing.

The Foundation has:

*sponsored creativity lectures, film series, workshops, and panel discussions locally at the University of Southern Maine where Dr. Tanous taught courses.;

*categorized by topic and filed in acid free folders all of Dr. Tanous writings; published his book Dreams and republished Understanding Your Child’s Psychic Abilities; created a data base by topic including videos and cassettes of his classes and lectures enabling the Research Assistant to forward packets of information and copies of material to people making inquires;

*maintains a Web Site where you will find a new, redesigned site with a first of its kind Digital Library where you can access research, collect data on Dr. Tanous’ life work and look up your favorite topic that he lectured to on! Please visit the library at and see what you might find!

*publishes a yearly Newsletter with information on Foundation activities;

*funded a $50,000 research project into the personal and professional life of Dr. Tanous conducted by Professor Fred Frohock, Ph.D, Syracuse University and Researcher Polly Bennell, Portland, Maine which yielded 40-50 taped interviews and a bound report of the findings and conclusions reached by the researchers;

*donated $10,000 to the Cancer Center Research Foundation in Maine for their Family Research and Caring Center;

*funded the Rhine Research Center in Durham, N C. with $75,000 to help establish the Alex Tanous Research Library at this site; this library houses an impressive collection of historic parapsychology material as well as current material in many languages in fields relating to parapsychology. The Rhine also utilizes the space for lectures, workshops, and special events.


Creating A Virtual Center

The Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research has recently commissioned Axon Design Management of Portland, Maine to develop a Comprehensive Plan to assist the Foundation Board as it positions the Foundation for the 21st Century.

Our focus for the Alex Tanous Foundation in the coming year is to enhance the Web Site to become a virtual Foundation Center. This is where people from all over the world could see Alex’ own paintings and photography, hear the music Alex composed, hear about Alex’ life and his foundation, attend his classes, see and hear people talking about Alex and the effect he had on their lives, browse through his writings with the option of downloading for a fee, access a large library of psychic materials, and access a storefront with books, DVD’s,etc. They will also be able to read the latest information about psychic research and find out what activities are happening in their area through postings on the Bulletin Board. Serious researcher, colleagues, historians, friends, and browsers can stop at the Guest Book and share their own personal experiences or stories about Dr. Tanous.

We hope that you will share in our 15th Year Celebration of the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research by stopping by our Web Site at and sharing a story with us, shopping at the Online Store or doing a bit of research in the Digital Library! Remember to check back often as our site will grow and expand.


A Bit Of History

Dr. Alex Tanous was recognized and accomplished professional in the psychographic industry. He conducted extensive research in the areas of creativity, intution, remote viewing and other psychical phenomeana.
Dr. Tanous is perhaps most famous for his work with the American Socity of Psychical Research, New York when he served as the ASPR's leading "gifted" subject in many experiments. He wrote extnsively and published several books, including Beyond Coincidence and Understanding and Developing Your Child's Natural Psychic Abilites.
The Tanous Foundation was formed in March 1990, with the primary intention for the foundation to conduct scientific research in areas related to physical and spiritual development. Specifically, Tanous wanted to focus on creativity. He wanted the foundation to support work and research in the development of creativity, creativity and healing, and the teaching of creativity.
The Foundation continues its mission to furhter the lifelong work and teachings of Dr.Alex Tanous. With the goal being to increase public access to Dr. Tanous' lectures and wrtings by making this informaiton readily available and accessible through a variety of mediums.