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Newsletter and Parapsychology in the Huffington Post!

Dr. Jim Carpenter's First Sight in Huffington Post
Dr. Jim Carpenter has an article published in the Huffington Post.  This article provides a nice overview of the First Sight theory of PSI which is quickly becoming the most exciting and comprehensive theory of PSI every produced.  Take a few minutes to read this article and post a comment if you have a moment.  The more comments this recieves, the more likely we are to see more Parapsychology topics in the Huffington Post in the future!
Congratulations to Dr. Carpenter!  Please help us to support parapsychology in the the popular media!



New Rhine Newsletter Available

A new Rhine Newsletter is available on the website.  This newsletter is a tribute to Dr. William Roll with interesting articles by reseearchers and colleagues of Dr. Roll.  In addition, you will also find a listing of the current Rhine events and activities.  Enjoy!