Is Your Child Psychic?


Tanous, Alex and Fair Donnelly, Katherine, Macmillan, 1978./ Tuttle-Mori Agency Inc, Tokyo, 1979. A ground-breaking book destined to become a standard reference work--the first attempt to help parents and teachers understand what extrasensory perception (ESP) is and how it affects children. Children's ESP experiences happen daily and are natural and normal events. It is the purpose of this book to bring these experiences into the realm of everyday life. Many children suffer privately over unexplained psychic experiences--confused, afraid, and believing they are "different" or unloved. In easy-to-understand language, we learn that every person, child as well as adult, has an innate psychic ability that is part of his personality. The authors, supported by many child psychiatrists, psychologists, and teachers, contend that the "happenings" are neither magical nor miraculous. Helping young people expand their natural psychic ability is similar to helping them develop a musical or athletic talent. Dr. Tanous and Mrs. Donnelly have included a series of tests that can be conducted with children in a gamelike fashion. IS YOUR CHILD A PSYCHIC? is a book every parent will want to read!

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