Alex Tanous - Friend, Healer, Artist, Musician, Professor & Psychic a talk by Jennifer Allen

Many people would like to know the Real Alex Tanous. Who was he? What was he like? Could he actually be seen in two places at once? Could he throw light? Did he really heal people? Was he approachable? Was he all that people said he was? /font>
Jennifer Allen is coming to RRC to talk about Alex Tanous. During her years in Portsmouth, NH, Alex was her longtime friend and became Godfather to each of her four daughters. For years, she attended his parapsychology classes University of Southern Maine, where Alex taught students that they all had the ability to do what he did, if they would only open their minds and spirit to join in.

She will open with personal stories about his many abilities, including:
• To find missing people.
• To send healing energy to cancer patients who were far away and who went into remission within three days after he did so.
• To Bilocate.
• To see Auras.
• To throw light from his eyes.
• To search for UFO’s with Betty Hill, written up in her last book.
• To talk with Jesus, St. Anne, Isaac Newton, incredible people throughout history.
• Alex’s experiments in the Bermuda Triangle.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers throughout the afternoon.

Jennifer AllenJennifer Allen’s list of accomplishments is long and wide in the business community. She is currently President and Co-Founder of One Unlimited, Inc., dba/ Skin Wisdom Products.  Her life philosophy shines through in the corporate motto: We are ONE, Unlimited in our potential.

While achieving these business successes, she has happily raised four daughters, two of whom are god-daughters to Alex Tanous and will attend this session. Utilizing her natural high energy, Jennifer has also studied and led explorations into personal spirituality throughout her life. Her approach to spirituality is quite practical and leads to direct impact in the lives of those who listen to her counsel.

Jennifer and her daughters bring personal knowledge of Alex Tanous, knowledge that affects their lives every day. RRC is extremely pleased to have them all here to share their stories, along with telling us about the Life of Alex Tanous.


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